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Agric Summit Africa 2023


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The Agric Summit Africa (ASA) stands as an annual cornerstone event, uniting influential figures in the agricultural sector to dissect the pivotal issues concerning agriculture in Nigeria, Africa, and the global economy. With the monumental occasion of ASA’s 5th anniversary, we’re embarking on an extraordinary journey, fundamentally shifting our approach.

In commemoration of ASA’s 5th edition, our organizing committee aspires to become catalysts of change within the sector. We are proud to present a unique platform for grassroots innovators and visionaries to pitch their groundbreaking ideas and transformative solutions. These individuals are the heart and soul of the agricultural space, and we aim to give them a resounding voice.

ASA’s 5th-anniversary event is about recognising the immense potential that resides within the agricultural sector. We’re devoted to providing aspiring agripreneurs with the opportunities they need to turn visions into reality. To achieve this, we’ve designed an incubator-styled competition where businesses will undergo a meticulous 2-3-stage evaluation process. Those who emerge successful will form the shortlist of 20, earning a coveted spot in the grand finale.

At this grand finale, these remarkable individuals will pitch their innovative agribusiness solutions to a panel of esteemed judges. Among them, we will find the winner of the ASA tournament, a true pioneer of agricultural innovation. However, in the spirit of empowering and recognizing all participants, every shortlisted applicant will receive substantial consolation prizes for their impressive efforts.

The driving rationale behind this year’s ASA event stems from our desire to initiate a new era of transformation within the agricultural sector. After five years of addressing various challenges within the industry, we acknowledge that it’s time to go back to the very roots of agribusiness and become the change we have championed at every ASA gathering.

By empowering grassroots agro-players at the microeconomic level, we aim to create a ripple effect that will bring about substantial macroeconomic improvements. ASA’s 5th anniversary is not just an event; it’s a movement towards a more prosperous, innovative, and sustainable agricultural future for Nigeria, Africa, and the world. Join us in shaping the frontier of agricultural excellence.